Useful Advice About Sending Medical Records to Israel

Dear Patients! We wish to draw your attention to some advice based on careful analysis of our previous experience and numerous consultations. Following these tips will significantly reduce the processing time of your medical data and thus speed up the preparations for an appropriate examination and improve the accuracy and quality of treatment.

  1. When you contact us, attempt to provide original documents - the results of tests, types of medicine and so forth. Interpreted results do not provide a complete picture of your condition, since conclusions are an incomplete source of information and often omit data that might affect our recommendations and, ultimately, the success of your treatment in Israel. Send actual test results along with the medical reports.
  2. When providing copies of images, please do your best to preserve their original quality. Color images must remain colored. If there is a number with the picture, scan or photograph, they must remain on the file that is uploaded. This is very important for correct interpretation of the pathology.
  3. In addition to documents and tests at the onset of the disease, try to provide the most recent test results and treatments and evidence of your current health status.
  4. Try to accurately describe your complaints and health, as well as to formulate your expectations from our services in a letter to us.
  5. Try to provide typed or printed materials, rather than handwritten medical reports.
  6. It is very important to note that there may be differences between medical approaches conducted in your country and medical treatment practices in Israel. That is why, despite the large number of documents provided by you, we cannot always provide satisfactory advice initially. This explains why we may recommend that you visit us for primary clinical examinations. After examinations in the clinic, our recommendations will be much more accurate, and you can choose your most satisfying treatment options.
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