Why is the CAR-T Cell Therapy at Sheba Medical Center Superior to Others?

Sheba Medical Center's CAR-T therapy stands out for several compelling reasons, making it an attractive option for patients battling blood diseases:

  1. Global Recognition: Sheba has been consistently ranked among the world's top 10 hospitals by Newsweek magazine.
  2. Proven Experience: Since initiating CAR T therapy in 2017, Sheba has treated hundreds of patients globally, gaining extensive experience in various blood diseases and advanced disease stages. View 2023 CAR-T statistics.
  3. Expert Leadership: The program is led by Professor Arnon Nagler, a renowned expert with decades of experience. Professor Nagler also presides As the Vice chair of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation, EBMT.
  4. Continuous Learning: The team of senior hematologists at Sheba regularly participates in global training and professional conferences, ensuring they stay at the forefront of medical advancements.
  5. State-of-the-Art Facilities: The molecular laboratory in Sheba hospital, crucial for the blood preparation process in CAR T therapy, was established in partnership with the Swiss company Lonza, meeting the highest global standards.
  6. Impressive Success Rates: Sheba's CAR-T treatment success rates rival those of leading commercial CAR T therapy providers.
  7. Rigorous Pre-treatment Testing: At Sheba, excessive care is given to the tests conducted before CAR T treatment, upholding strict standards. A comprehensive examination of the patient to confirm the suitability of the treatment is as crucial as the CAR T therapy itself.
  8. Specialized Intensive Care: Patients are monitored in an ICU experienced in managing CAR T therapy side effects, which can be critical. Early detection and adherence to strict protocols are vital for patient safety.
  9. Teamwork and Protocols: Optimal treatment at Sheba extends beyond the expertise of doctors; it encompasses a cohesive team effort, involving nursing staff and logistical support, all functioning under strict, well-organized protocols. From rigorous infection control measures to meticulously planned patient visit schedules, every aspect of care is orchestrated to uphold the highest global standards. This organizational excellence at Sheba is renowned and attracts medical professionals from around the world for specialized training.

At Sheba Medical Center, each aspect of CAR T therapy is meticulously planned and executed to offer the best possible care, reflecting our commitment to excellence in patient treatment and recovery.


Lonza’s cocoon system at Sheba hospital

CAR-T therapy in Sheba hospital -patient review

With Prof. Arnon Nagler, January 2024.

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