The Chaim Sheba Medical Center at Tel hashomer

Chaim Sheba is a university-affiliated tertiary hospital that serves as Israel's national medical center in many fields.

Renowned for its compassionate care and leading-edge medicine, the Sheba hospital operates 150 well equipped offices and clinics with 1990 hospital beds. 1,000 medical specialists, 5,800 nursing, administrative and technical staff are taking care of it''s patients. It is also a major medical-scientific research powerhouse that collaborates internationally with the bio-tech and pharmaceutical industries.

Sheba is ranked as the 9th World's Best Hospital by Newsweek/Statista - Feb 2024


Sheba Medical Center has once again been recognized as one of the Top 10 best hospitals in the world by Newsweek and Statista Inc., the world-leading statistics portal and industry ranking provider. Sheba's ranking at #9, also represents the 6th consecutive year that the hospital has been chosen as a World's Best Hospital.

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Sheba Medical Center ranks as the 10th Best Hospital in the World


Sheba - Israel's largest medical center has been ranked yesterday (20.3.19) as Newsweek's 10th' best hospital in the world. The medical centers at the top three are the American Mayo Clinic from Rochester, Minnesota, which has been operating since 1889; Cleveland Clinic, also from the United States; and Singapore General Hospital. Among the reasons for their choice was the hospital's position as "a leader in medical science and biotechnical innovation, both in the Middle East and worldwide".




Dear patients,
We understand that timely treatment is crucial for cancer and other medical conditions. Despite the ongoing war, Israeli hospitals remain committed to aiding patients globally. Our facilities are prepared for wartime conditions, and our medical staff is ready to assist.
Additionally, the current situation has enabled us to offer remote consultations with top specialists in various fields such as cardiology, cardio-surgery, hematooncology, gynecology-oncology, urooncology, breast cancer, gastro-oncology, endocrinology, melanoma, and sarcomas, which were previously unavailable.
Don't wait- contact us to check if we can help you.

Considering treatment in Israel?
Sheba hospital's expertise is at your service!

The professionals at the Chaim Sheba International Medicine Department strive to surround each patient, who is seeking treatment in Israel, with sincere care and attention and to ensure professional quality care at all stages of the patients treatment.

Here, despite the great distance from their home, Sheba's patients gain a sense of confidence, calmness and comfort. The advantages of treatment in the Chaim Sheba medical center are numerous...

Sheba Medical Center news


Novel Drug in Sheba-Vidac Collaboration to Improve CAR T-Cell Therapy Effectiveness

Recently, Sheba Hospital and Vidac Pharma partnered to evaluate a novel drug with the potential to reverse the Warburg effect. Read more ->

International cooperation in the field of cardiology

Car T-cell: Unique leukemia treatment teconology cured a young Sheba patient

Sheba Medical Center - the only medical center in Israel where this unique technology can be found. Since last year, a brand new approach to the treatment of Leukemia, developed under the sponsorship of the Lemelbaum family, practiced at the Institute for the Study of Melanoma "Ella" at the Sheba Medical Center. Read more ->


Artificial Intelligence Prioritizes Patients Using Head CT Scans, Reducing Mortality by 30%

Thousands of patients diagnosed with cerebral hemorrhage have received treatment at Sheba Medical Center. Recent patients, however, have been leaving the hospital in notably better condition. The marked improvement? An advanced AI system that prioritizes Read more ->


More than a million patients per year: What’s drawing everyone to Sheba in Israel?

Sheba is the heart and hub of medical innovation in Israel. It is the force that constantly pumps new life into global healthcare, biotechnology, digital hospital systems, and patient-centric care. What’s going on at Sheba that puts it at the forefront of international healthcare and attracts patients from all over the world? Read on Forbes Israel site ->

Sheba Medical Center made it to the list of the most highly evaluated medical centers according to JCI standards

Sheba Medical Center made it to the list of the most highly evaluated medical centers according to JCI standards

The international organization Joint Commission International (JCI), which deals with quality and safety control over medical services provided by medical centers and hospitals all around the world, had recently accredited The Chaim Sheba Medical Center with a certificate of compliance with high academic standards, and had registered it in the list of exemplary medical centers. Read more ->

A professor from Sheba Medical Center receives a special award

Professor Bella Kaufman from Sheba Medical Center receives the ASCO  award

Distinguished for her activism and outstanding service to vulnerable patient groups, Professor Bella Kaufman, the deputy chief of the Cancer Treatment Center and head of the Breast Cancer Unit at the Chaim Sheba Medical Center, receives the ASCO Humanitarian Award. ASCO – the professional American Society of Clinical Oncology – numbers over 50 000 members. About 3000 members attended the ASCO convention which was held in Chicago this year; among those were 60 Israeli oncologists. Read more ->

Cooperation with the renowned Mayo Clinic, USA

Cooperation with the renowned Mayo Clinic, USA

Specialists from the Davidai Cardiac Arrhythmia Center, which operates under the auspices of the Heart Treatment and Research Center at Chaim Sheba Medical Center, had recently began the practice of holding videoconferences with their colleagues – clinical arrhythmology experts from one of the world leading medical centers, the internationally acclaimed Mayo Clinic (USA) Read more ->


Sheba patients speak

Scoliosis of the fourth degree

Scoliosis of the fourth degree. Trully there are no helpless situations in Sheba medical center.

This story began about two years ago, when 11-year-old Rodion Garbunia was diagnosed with fourth degree Scoliosis. Experts doctors in his native city of Sochi, Moscow and St. Petersburg wrote: "Fourth degree Scoliosis is incurable. If you want to have surgery, please, but the boy will remain disabled….
The salvation began in August 2010, when his parents appealed for help to the Sheba Hospital. Read more ->

Helping Haiti

Helping Haiti: "I do not know where exactly, is Israel, but I'm sure this is a blessed place".

This is the feeling of a young Sunlab Zamur from Haiti, who have suffered during the earthquake. Zamur was inside of her house during the catastrophe when the weight of a two-story structure fall on her. The result was a tragedy, a partial loss of both legs.
Thanks to the generosity of the Jews from the United States and the professionalism of Dr. Sunlab Zamur from Chaim Sheba Hospital, Zamur has a chance to stand on her feet, to walk and dance again! Read more ->

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