Bill of Patient Rights

  1. The right to receive medical care.

    Every person has the right to receive respectful medical care without any restrictions.

  2. The right to receive quality health care.

    The patient has the right to receive good quality health care and high professional standards delivered with humanity.

  3. Provide informed consent for medical services.

    Medical care is available only with patient consent. To obtain the informed consent of the patient, the attending personnel must provide the following information at an understandable level:

    • Diagnosis and prognosis of the patient.
    • Treatment: process, purpose, results and prospects of success.
    • The dangers and possible side effects, pain and discomfort.
    • Pros and cons of alternative treatments and the right to refuse treatment altogether.
  4. Protection of the honor and dignity of the patient

    The patient has the right to preserve his/her honor and dignity at all stages of care.

  5. Protection of Privacy

    The patient has the right to confidentiality and discrete care at all stages of treatment, and for privacy concerning his/her own medical program and records.

  6. Medical secrecy

    Each employee of the medical institution is obliged to maintain confidentiality and avoid disclosure of information relating to the patient.

  7. Right to know the name and titles of persons who provide medical care.

    The patient has the right to know the names and titles of those who provide him/her with medical care.

  8. Guarantee to the continuation of adequate treatment

    The patient, when transferring from one doctor to another or to another medical facility, has the right, at his/her request, to the doctor''s cooperation to ensure the continuation of appropriate treatment.

  9. Additional medical reports

    The patient has the right to request and receive additional medical opinions on his treatment.

  10. Information from medical records

    The patient has the right to receive information from medical records about his/her medical history.

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