Why Choose Sheba?

Israeli medicine attracts patients, doctors, specialists, researchers, students and nurses from all over the globe. This is due to advanced medical practices and a strong academic and scientific basis, which are developed in our country with the support of the state and Israel's friends. Israel's reputation as an international leader in various fields of medicine is indisputable. The names of Israeli professors and researchers in the field of medicine and high technology are displayed in the most prestigious international conferences and awards. One outstanding representative of Israeli medicine is the Chaim Sheba Hospital. Leading experts of the country have their practices here. The prestige of our medical institution is based upon the high motivation of our medical personnel in delivering health services, the availability of the best diagnostic and therapeutic resources, and in conducting fundamental research and carefully controlled clinical trials.

What are the benefits for the patients in Sheba Hospital?

  • Advanced diagnostic and cutting edge technologies
  • First class medicine
  • Comprehensive treatment
  • High success rate with high risk operations
  • Treatment of rare diseases
  • Personal approach - focus on the patient and his needs
  • No age limit

High health care standards

Israeli healthcare attracts patients from the whole world. This is mainly due to the advanced medical practices and strong academic and research base that prospered in Israel with the help of the government and partnering countries. Israel is a proven international leader in several different fields of medicine. The names of Israeli professors and researches in high tech and medicine can be heard at the international congresses and academic symposiums of the highest level. For this reason, patients who require the highest level of healthcare choose Israel.

Foreign citizens choose to come to Israel for treatment for various reasons. For example, in many European and CIS countries certain vitally important medical procedures are not available, and as a result patients from these countries seek treatment in Israel. U.S. citizens come to Israel because of high quality and relatively low price of health care services in Israel when compared to the U.S. Medical treatment in Israel also has an appeal to tourists who want to experience the health benefits of the Dead Sea.

Why the costs for health care in Israel are significantly lower than in Europe or the USA?

Health care costs differ due to different economic situation in these countries. Furthermore, Israel has a highly developed health care system. This is proven by the fact that 95% of its citizens are happy with the quality of the received treatment. The cost of health care in Israel is based on standards that regulate prices charged for health care services for foreign citizens and prohibit hospitals from increasing costs for treatment of patients from abroad.

The high-quality medical equipment of Israeli medical facilities as well as the unmatched medical training of the staff in conjunction with a flexible pricing policy ensure the popularity of treatment in Israel among patients from Europe, the United States and CIS countries. When you come to Israel for treatment, you receive first-class medical care at prices that are significantly lower (25-30% difference) than European prices.

Sheba Medical Center, which received several hundred patients from abroad each month, is a bright representative of medical tourism in Israel.The prestige of this medical institution is based on the high motivation of its medical personnel in the provision of medical services, the availability of the best diagnostic and therapeutic resources, and the conduct of fundamental scientific research and carefully controlled clinical trials.

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