Sheba's mission

  1. Provide an individual approach to each patient
    In accordance with the philosophy of the Chaim Sheba Hospital , the patient is always in the spotlight. Despite the huge number of visitors to the hospital, caring nurses strive to provide each patient and his family with individual attention, sensitivity and maximum comfort.
  2. Use modern methods of diagnosis and treatment
    Hospital medical staff uses the latest diagnostic and treatment methods, and constantly introduces new technologies and advances in medicine into the current practice. Each year, millions of dollars are invested in research that is dedicated to developing innovative medical technologies. We maintain constant communication with leading international medical and scientific centers in order to implement research and accumulation of joint professional experience.
  3. Revolutionize the quality of medical services and education.
    Chaim Sheba Medical Center seeks to revolutionize world-accepted standards for diagnosis and treatment and to reduce and prevent possible errors leading to serious adverse effects. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to pave new paths in medical education, including the use of high-tech simulators and robots. The Israeli National Center for Medical Simulation (MSR), serving as a part of the Chaim Sheba Medical Center has been a model for creating similar centers in the world and engages in advanced training and development of clinical skills of future Israeli doctors, nurses and paramedics.
  4. Serve international clientele
    Chaim Sheba Medical Center provides professional services not only to residents of the State of Israel, but also to all of those in need of good medical care from all over the world. For many years, experienced Israeli doctors and other hospital staff have been among the first to provide emergency medical care in hot spots around the world: Haiti, Kosovo, Armenia, Cambodia, Peru, Sri Lanka, Rwanda, Equatorial Guinea and Chernobyl.
    International activities of Chaim Sheba. Hospital (Israel) include examination and courses of treatment for patients from Europe, U.S., and Palestinian and Middle Eastern countries, including countries that do not maintain diplomatic relations with Israel.
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