Coronary artery bypass grafting

Coronary bypass surgery is a great achievement of modern medicine.

According to world statistics, over the past 40 years, was carried about 30 million transactions of this kind in the world. The results of operations are improving every year and the number of postoperative complications is reduced.

The method of coronary artery bypass surgery (in English. Shunt - bypassing) is that with a healthy section of vein or artery, which connects, for the transplant, the aorta and the coronary artery blockage in her place, creates a detour for blood flow, which supplies oxygen to the heart muscle. Shunts are placed depending on how many blockages, their type and location.

The final decision on the number of transplants are accepted only during the operation. Such a procedure certainly improves the duration and quality of life.

In the center of the cardiac hospital Sheba is held annually around 400 coronary bypass operations with the best by international standards, the results:
only 1.5% of deaths during operations in Israel, compared with 2-2.5% of all deaths in Western countries.

The average duration of postoperative hospitalization in cardiac heart hospital Sheba meets world standards and is 4 - 6 days.

Continuous improvement of the results of operations, as well as reducing the period of postoperative hospitalization and rehabilitation due to the fact that the cardiac center of Sheba Hospital are constantly introduced into the current practices of various innovations on technology implementation coronary artery bypass grafting.

The most important of these innovations are:

  • Emptive use of arteries derived from the chest or upper extremities (chest, radial, radial artery) rather than veins, derived from the lower extremities, as was customary in the past. The advantages of arterial grafting method has been proved in long-term scientific studies, and therefore this method is widely used in cardiac surgery center Shiba Hospital. If there is a need to conduct operations with the use of leg veins, then the operation is performed on the technique of endoscopy (without skin incisions.)
  • Carrying out operations without heart-lung machine, even in particularly difficult cases

In cardiac surgery center attached great importance to improving the quality of life of patients, which is manifested in the active rehabilitation of the center, directed by the timely and speedy return the patient to normal daily activities. In this framework, patients are involved in a specially designed program of physical activity under the supervision of experienced cardiac rehabilitation.

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