Treatment of coronary heart disease

Coronary diseases are associated with narrowing or complete blockage of coronary arteries originating from the aorta and supply blood to the heart muscle.

The narrowing of the coronary arteries are usually caused by atherosclerosis and leads to a reduction of blood flow, and with it the oxygen supply to the heart muscle. This condition is called ischemia (ischemic heart disease or coronary heart disease).

In a state of critical narrowing of coronary arteries, there is complete blockage of the lumen of the vessel, which leads to stopping the blood supply to a specific site of cardiac muscle, and to the subsequent necrosis of the cells.

There are several alternative ways of treating coronary disease, depending on the stage of disease and related pathologies:

  1. Pharmacological treatment
  2. Coronary angioplasty - is that the place of the narrowed section of coronary artery supplied a special catheter with a balloon inflated at the tip, which produces a mechanical effect on the walls of this area and thus enhances vasoconstriction and restores blood flow through it. In addition to the treatment of coronary heart disease, this method is widely used in chronic obstruction of arteries, narrowing the carotid, renal arteries, etc.
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