Department of cardiac intensive care

Department of Cardiac Intensive Care is designed for the reception of patients after difficult and prolonged operations on the heart.

This is one of the largest intensive care units in Israel.

Staff of the department include physicians, nurses, technicians working with the respirator, as well as a physiotherapist, dietician and social worker.

All aimed at meeting the needs of patients requiring intensive care: artificial respiration, cardiac pacing, the use of different methods of dialysis and other treatments, as well as constant monitoring of the performance of the patients.

If necessary, staff of the department attracted to the work of specialists from other fields of medicine.

Various innovations in biotechnology, not only immediately implemented, but often developed specifically for the office. A lot of developments made on the initiative and with direct participation of the staff offices, especially in monitoring.

In addition, the department is actively involved in international clinical trials, as well as to develop and test new pharmacological agents.

On the basis of the Department are trained medical students from different universities.

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