Port Access operations

An innovative method used when performing operations on heart valves are operations with minimal invasion (Port Access), conducted without opening the chest.

This advanced technique was developed several years ago at Stanford (USA) and currently used in Israel, only in cardiac surgery departments of the hospital center Sheba.

Replacement or repair of valves through a small incision in the chest between the ribs, without the need for the usual 30-cm central section of the sternum. After this minimum cut in the chest being introduced all the necessary tools, as well as a miniature camera (endoscope) that transmits an image of surgical procedure on the monitor screen that allows you to continuously monitor the condition of the heart.

Thus, the operation with minimal invasion (Port Access) guarantees the best cosmetic result, shortens and facilitates the rehabilitation period, compared with traditional open heart surgery, but also prevents the danger of one of its worst consequences - infected sternum. In women, the operation leaves the Port Access nearly invisible scar, located under the breast.

Like traditional open heart surgery A surgical procedure by the method of Port Access by using a drug for heart failure and heart-lung machine (AIK), which continues to maintain blood circulation in the body, while cardiac function is temporarily suspended.

Heart-assist device is connected to the vessels of the cervical spine and hips.

Not every patient who needs surgery for valve replacement is appropriate for this type of intervention, and therefore each case is considered in detail by experts. Today in the Cardiac Center Hospital Sheba was successfully operated on 200th patient by the method of Port Access.

Leading experts on the application of this method are Dr. Ehud Raanni and Dr. Amy Schoenfeld. On the basis of experience in cardiac heart hospital Sheba hosts international training courses of surgeons and surgical staff to work on this technique.

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