Operations on heart valves

The heart consists of 4 chambers: two small (the atria) and two large (ventricles).

At the entrance of each ventricle and the outlet of the one-way valves are located.

In the heart of man, there are two pairs of valves. The first pair of valves located between the atria and ventricles of the heart: mitral valve - between the left atrium and left ventricle and the tricuspid valve - between the right atrium and right ventricle.

The second pair of valves located between the ventricles and major arteries that take blood and squeeze the ventricles: the aortic valve - in the mouth of the aortic valve and the pulmonary artery - at the mouth of the pulmonary artery.

The function of the heart valves is to ensure unilateral flow through heart chambers and on coming out of the heart vessels.

As a result of a congenital defect or acquired disease, the valves may be narrowed or deformed, which leads to a two-way flow through the valve and, thus, greatly reduces cardiac function. When valve failure "return" of blood in the previous cardiac cell leads to increased pressure in this chamber and to the progressive overload of the heart muscle.

For example, for any function of the mitral valve, part of the blood that crossed from the left atrium into the left ventricle, returns again to the left atrium and leads to its overload and to increase the pressure in it, as well as in the pulmonary veins, filling him.

This phenomenon can lead to heart failure in a small circle of blood circulation and, in severe stages, even to pulmonary edema.

The main purpose of the operation on the heart valves is to improve the efficiency of the heart and prolongation of life. There are many possible surgical interventions, starting with the restoration of an existing valve replacement and finishing with a deformed valve prosthesis (mechanical or biological).

In the operating department of cardiac surgery center Shiba Hospital has gained rich experience in carrying out, both simple and complex operations on the valves.

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