Helping Haiti

«I do not know where exactly, is Israel, but I'm sure this is a blessed place»

This is the feeling of a young Sunlab Zamur from Haiti, who have suffered during the earthquake. Zamur was inside of her house during the catastrophe when the weight of a two-story structure fall on her. The result was a tragedy, a partial loss of both legs.

Zamur only 19 years old. Her dream to become dancer and model, seemingly was destroyed. But such situation is not the option for whom humanism and compassion are not empty words but the highest moral action.

Thanks to the generosity of the Jews from the United States and the professionalism of Dr. Sunlab Zamur from Chaim Sheba Hospital, Zamur has a chance to stand on her feet, to walk and dance again!.

For the first time, the story about Zamur was told in "Los Angeles Time." Jack Salzberg, Chairman of the Chaim Shiby Charitable Community Hospital read the article and immediately decided to help the girl from Haiti. He decided to arrange a help for a wounded girl in the Chaim Sheba Hospital—the best rehabilitation center of the world.

Extensive, far-reaching experience, modern equipment and professional expertise of the Chaim Sheba Rehabilitation Center are the factors that lead our Hospital the level of the best International Institutions in the field of advanced trauma.

Dr. Yitzhak Zivner, Head of the Chaim Sheba Orthopedic Rehabilitation Center said: "We are looking forward to host Zamury in the coming weeks. We are aware of the loss of her lower limbs, but this problem is in a line with our experience, what we know well—to help to the earthquake victims who suffer compression syndrome. Upon arrival the girl, we will prepare for her the most optimal and proper rehabilitation program."

Amus Radian, the Israel's Ambassador to Haiti said in an interview with "Latest News" : "Our help to the victims of the earthquake is very important and understandable because we are practically the only Country, which still be in Haiti and continue a humanitarian mission to save lives. Other Countries, which have promise to provide medical care as long as there is need for it, are no more there."

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