Treatment of melanoma and sentinel lymph nodes

The growth in melanoma incidents can be observed in Israel, as well as in the whole world. The Department of Plastic Surgery at the Sheba Medical Center is a core facility that provides radical surgical treatment of melanoma, including the removal of sentinel lymph nodes.

Each year, the Department performs dozens of operations for melanoma. Before the surgery, the patient undergoes a thorough careful microscopic examination, conducted by our highly skilled clinical pathologists. The decision on the impending treatment is jointly discussed by all the specialists of the office including an oncologist, a dermatologist and a plastic surgeon.

The Attending Staff

Dr. Eyal Vinker – the Deputy Head of the Department.

Specialty: plastic surgery, reconstructive microsurgery
The field of clinical activities: Responsible for performance of the operations for malignant melanoma and sentinel lymph nodes, breast reconstruction, eliminating defects and asymmetries of the breast.

Prof. Esther Azizi - an experienced dermatologist.


Dr. Jacob Schachter – the Deputy Head of the Cancer Center and the Head of Medical and Scientific Institution for Melanoma and Skin Cancer.

Specialty: clinical oncology and radiotherapy, melanoma and skin cancer
Areas of research: developing new therapies that combine radio- and chemotherapy, development of new techniques in radiotherapy

Dr. Felix Pavlozky - an experienced dermatologist


Dr. Aviv Barzilai - an experienced specialist in dermato-pathology.

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