Division of Urosurgery

The division, with its 36 beds available for inpatient treatment, welcomes both patients with acute diseases requiring urgent interventions and the patients invited to pre-scheduled surgeries.


Attending Personnel

Professor Jacob Ramon - Director of the Division of Urosurgery.

Expertise: urinary tract tumors, reconstructive surgery, laparoscopic surgery.

Professor Yoram Mor - Deputy Director of the Division of Urosurgery, the head of pediatric urological service.

Expertise: urologic diseases in children and adolescents
Clinical activity: the treatment of congenital malformations detected in adulthood, prostate adenoma treatment, urinary bladder tumors and urinary tract obstruction.

Dr. Jacob Golomb - Director of the Urogynecology, Neurourology and Urodynamics Clinic.

Clinical experience and expertise:
Urogynecology, including surgical treatment of urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse
Surgical treatment of prostate adenoma
Urinary tract cancers
Urinary tract inflammations
Urodynamic examination methods for diagnosing urinary incontinence in women and men

Dr. Zohar Dotan - Leading Doctor of the Division of Urosurgery, the head of uro-oncology clinic.

Expertise: urology, uro-oncology (prostate cancer, urinary bladder cancer, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, urinary and reproductive system sarcoma).

Research activities:

Prostate Cancer
- The development of cutting-edge methodology for the treatment of prostate tumors based on minimally invasive technologies.
- The improvement of the methods used for accurate cancer stage diagnosing (staging) of prostate cancer using magnetic imaging (MRI).
Urinary Bladder Cancer
- The use of molecular markers to improve diagnosing, determine the staging and evaluate the tumor cells' dissemination in patients with urinary bladder cancer
- The improvement of bladder cancer staging making use of prognostic and tomographic indices.
Kidney Cancer
- The use of molecular markers to improve diagnosing, staging and evaluation of tumors dissemination in patients with renal cell carcinoma.
- Assessment of the latest surgical techniques based on minimally invasive technologies in the course of kidney tumors treatment.

Dr. Ari Winkler - Head of Endoscopic Clinic at the Division of Urosurgery and the head of the Kidney Stones Treatment Center.

Expertise: urosurgery Clinical activity: Endoscopic urological surgeries and the use of laser to remove stones from the kidneys and urinary tract
Urinary tract tumors and congenital or acquired narrowing of the urinary tract
Extracorporeal lithotripsy in the urinary bladder
Prostate and bladder operations

Dr. Jacob Hanani - Leading doctor in the Division of Urosurgery.

Expertise: urology
Clinical activity: General urology and prostate adenoma
Treatment of erectile dysfunction
Male infertility treatment

Dr. Paul Yonesh - Lecturer of the Department of Urology in the Medical Faculty at the Tel-Aviv University.

Expertise: urology, pediatric urology.

Dr. Menachem Leufer - Leading Doctor of the Division and Uro-Oncology Clinic.

Expertise: urology, uro-oncology
Clinical activity: treatment of prostate, bladder, kidney, and testes cancer.
Research activities: clinical research in the field of prostate and bladder cancer.

Dr. Gil Raviv - Leading Doctor of the Division, the head of the Sexual Health Center and a leading specialist in the male infertility treatment clinic.

Dr. Yitzhak Kaver - Leading Doctor in the Division of Urosurgery.

Expertise: urology, uro-oncology
Clinical activity: urinary tract tumors and reconstructive urinary system operations (bladder reconstruction after its resection), benign prostate tumors; transrectal ultrasound-guided prostate biopsy using a local anesthetic (painless for the patient).

Dr. Yigal Madzhir

Ms. Yuki Rosen - Head nurse of the Division of Urosurgery

Nursing auxiliary personnel working in the division received special academic education in the field of urology and urosurgery and has an extensive experience in caring for patients suffering from genitourinary diseases.

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