Clinical research in Sheba hospital- now open to International patients

Take advantage of the next generation of medicine

Sheba hospital has been a leader in innovation since its inception, but recently it became recognized as such by Newsweek magazine, which declared Sheba hospital as one of the 10 best hospitals in the world.

Numerous new groundbreaking therapies have been conceived in Sheba, in the multitude of research centers on its grounds, in oncology and other medicine disciplines

As of today, Sheba hospital is opening its clinical research studies to international patients, allowing them the opportunity to benefit from the most innovative therapies and drugs just before they reach the market – at no cost to the patient.

Which patients can benefit the most from participation in clinical research?

  • Oncological patients in stage 3 or 4, with metastatic tumors.
  • Oncological patients who received conventional treatment which did not improve their condition.

If you believe you can benefit from participation in a clinical trial, contact us via the form below. Please note that strict criteria are applied to the selection process, and not every applicant is accepted.


A few of the research programs currently at work in Sheba hospital:

  • Molecular Cytogenetics - development of non-invasive methods for the detection of malignant cells.
  • Bioinformatics - Algorithmic approaches to gain insights on molecular events related to cancer.
  • Tumor Stem Cell Biology - Applying stem cell concepts to identify novel therapeutic targets in oncology
  • Flow cytometry and cell sorting - Cell-to-cell transfer of oncogenic molecules and miRNAs from cancer cells to lymphocytes
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